The Cedar Valley Pit Bull Rescue is dedicated to finding loving homes and a new leash on life for displaced dogs and cats. We are a non-profit 501c3 based in Waterloo, IA.  Our animals available for adoption are located throughout central Iowa in dedicated foster homes.


Check out our adoptable animals, learn more about pit bulls, learn how to volunteer, follow our success stories and much more. Check back often as adoptable animals are added frequently. As always, please follow us on Facebook for immediate updates:  


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Niya is a very good girl and loves every person she meets. However, she does not get along with other animals and needs to be the only animal in the home.  Niya is high energy and would do very well with owners who are active and like to run. She would also do well with a fenced in yard to be able to run off some of her energy.  She would do best with owners with experience with dogs that are high energy and who can be reactive to other dogs when out in public.  
Are you ready for this guy????? This is Eddie. He is an 9-year-old poodle mix looking for his furever home. He does not have use of his back legs but don’t you worry….he gets around and does the things that dogs enjoy doing. He has very few limitations  He runs all over the house with his foster brothers and sisters. He does have a wheeled cart too. He is soooooo fast with his wheels  He loves to go for walks. He loves to run, play, and explore outside. He loves to cuddle, g et/give kisses, and act silly. He currently lives with small dogs, large dogs, and cats. He ignores the cats unless they invade his personal space….then he has a few choice words for them. He tolerates the large dogs but I think he dreams of packing their bags and getting them each a one-way-ticket outa here. Eddie loves loves loves to be around his humans. He makes a great best friend. He is incontinent with his urine but has no issues with wearing a diaper or a more about Eddie
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