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Niya Niya
Niya is a very good girl and loves every person she meets. However, she does not get along with other animals and needs to be the only animal in the home.  Niya is high energy and would do very well with owners who are active and like to run. She would also do well with a fenced in yard to be able to run off some of her energy.  She would do best with owners with experience with dogs that are high energy and who can be reactive to other dogs when out in public.  
Dakota Dakota
Dakota is a handsome boy. He likes to play and be around his people and also other dogs. He is working on house training and knows sit and working on others. He has energy but does calm down and likes to cuddle on the couch. Can be dog selective and people selective, best to meet him in person in a low key area, he is 14 months old now. Likes to chew toys, has seen cats and is curious, likes kids. Children 7 years and older will be best because of energy level and playfulness. Can be mouthy when he's overly stimulated. Loves to lounge on the back of the couch. He's a silly boy! Fixed, and is up to date on all vet work.